What We Do

Sustainable alge marine extraction, storage, processing and national and international distribution of Lithothamnium. 

We work and invest in research and high technology to benefit, develop and sell, in a sustainable way, products from Lithothamnium to agriculture. With distribution centers around the world and a manufacturing site in Brazil, we offer solutions to the most demanding segments of agriculture. Our vision is to ensure to the costumers, consultants or partners the most efficient use of Lithothamnium.

Our Values
Sustainable use of natural resources
Integrity and laws respect
Social responsability
Employees development
Customer satisfaction
Our Ingredient

The name Lithothamnium came from the greek “litho”, which  means stone and “thamnion” means short tree.

Those algaes live between 10 and 15, growing from 0.3 to 3mm per year.

Lithothamnium is an algae gender existing in large colonies in open sea and resides in an up to thirty meters depth.

It is composed from more than 70 balanced nutrients with high solubility and availability to the living beings.

Lithothamnium seaweeds are used for decades in several countries to plant, animal and human nutrition.

More than just nutrition, they have high reactivity minerals and organic components, providing a favorable condition to the microbial life.

Plant Nutrition
Animal Nutrition
Other products
Where we are

Oceana Minerals is the international division of Oceana Brazil.

Oceana Minerals has been developing the international market since 2015 through its export department that operates directly in Europe and the United States. In 2016, activities began with field trials in the Netherlands and are expected to extend to Germany, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

In 2017, the first shipments to serve these markets will be made for the harvest. We are also enabling exports to the North American market through the choice of its distributors to serve the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.

Other export actions stemming from positive results in northern Europe have already begun in France and Spain. In 2017 the distributors for these countries will be determined.